Dessinateurs projeteurs allowing mécanique indépendants spécialisés sur Solidworks

Modélisation 3D, études mécaniques, mise en plan : de la simple pièce à la conception de machines complètes, nous intervenons sur vos projets de CAO, sur place, ou à distance, dans le délai le plus bref, et en visant la meilleur qualité possible.

We are two persons, able to work 100% in english for international customers. We take part both in projects requiring only a few hours and in those requiring months of engineering effort

Machines spéciales, pièces design, prototypes ou autres équipements ou systèmes : nous intervenons en réalisant l’intégralité des travaux de CAO ou en nous focalisant sur des points spécifiques, en fonction des besoins de nos clients. 

We join your teams as well in case of occasional and brief requests as for recurring and long-term needs 

Some projects required more than 1000 hours on our side and sometimes with very short lead times 

Our main objective is to get the satisfaction of our customers, guarantee of a lasting partnership, as profitable to our customers as to ourselves.

  • An Engineering or design office, or an industrial or construction company looking for urgent, one-off or long-term reinforcement of your CAD teams ?
  • A project initiator or a business developper looking for experienced workforce in order to move from concept to reality ?
  • Or you may be specialised in another domain which appears to be disconnected from mechanical engineering,however you happen to need this kind of expertise in order to work out some new projects ?

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To date, we have work experience in the following sectors:

Flow measurement
Electromag. field confinement
Sheet metal working
Oil & Gas
Wood burning stoves
Projects pricing
Réalisation d'un dessinateur projeteur mécanique vue éclatée d'un treuil spécial
Rather go for efficient but low cost technical solutions and fabrication processes
Rely on standards components as much as possible

Making everything possible to be efficient in our services. Acting to meet clients specifications as well as possible. Providing clear and complete drawings. Choosing suitable and available materials.
Providing quotations within short period of time. Respecting deadlines. Communicating and being available. Committing ourselves to come back to your requests or to assist you quickly.
Dessinateur projeteur mécanique indépendant nos localisations
Were we are

En savoir plus :

Are you doubting about working with us ? Let's give it a try to get a better idea about it!

Indeed, it is quite possible to try it at a lower cost. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can see together how we could set up a first try.

Dessinateur projeteur mécanique indépendant spécialisé sur solidworks
We possess our own Solidworks official licenses