Full project design
(3D model, assembly drawing, parts drawings, BOM, related technical documents) Do you have some technical specifications or a precise need ? We can carry out the full mechanical design of your project and provide you the required documents for procurements and fabrication. 

3D Modeling of any kind of object
You have a real object or some 2D drawings for which you need a 3D model

Layout drawings
You are looking for drawing a building and its related machines and equipment, and to work and optimise the installation layout

Preliminary design (drafts) and 3D modelling
You are looking for a preliminary study of a future project

Engineering drawings
You already have a final 3D model, and you are needing the detail drawings for fabrication

Reproduction of paper drawings to CAD drawings

Temporarily joining your CAD teams
Are you looking for an additional CAD designer tomorrow ? Do you need to reinforce your teams but without hiring additional people ? We can join your teams in your office, and we can bring our own work station and Solidworks License if required.

3D Printing

  Expertise –
Based on our work experience, we can bring you an external eye on your design, and suggestions for modification or improvement (cost / performance / reliability ...)


Consulting services in Industrial Project management and Mechanical Engineering 

Our activity: 

– Industrial and/or mechanical projects management 

Are you looking for one-off or long-term reinforcement of your resources for the follow-up of on-going or future projects ? 


We make sure to understand the technical and contractual issues related to your projects and any of their critical points of concern.

We ensure the follow up of your projects in direct interaction with your internal teams, your customers and your suppliers, at your demand,

We act for the success of your project, the respect of quality commitments, schedules and budgets, and we make sure to point out identified risks or delay and bring you clear, complete and relevant information about the state of your projects as quick as possible,

We provide you regular progress reports about the progress of your projects and current points of concern


– Reinforcing your engineering teams

Are you looking for reinforcing your dedicated project engineers teams ?


Depending on your needs, here below is are some exemples of work that we may be able to carry out for you:

Suivi d’avancements d’affaires,

Analyses and technical studies relating to your projects (plannings, human resource plans, flow diagrams, risks analysis, project management documents, etc.)

Support for commercial and technical quotations

Technical and engineering documents (technical specifications, technical offers, work procedures),

Support to procurement activities (search for potential suppliers and sub-contractors, sending following up requests for quotations, comparing offers)

Preparing and holding meetings and issuing related meeting minutes

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