Even if relying on freelancers tends to be more and more developed depending on jobs and sectors of activity, everyone has not necessarily already worked with freelance CAD designers and/or CAD designers located remotely. 


Intuitively, this practice does not necessarily inspire confidence, yet keep in mind that our goal is to bring you satisfaction. Indeed, we are not hired by our clients, thus we will not take our collaboration for granted. For our collaboration to be sustainable, you, like us, must gain a real interest in it.


Our job, as CAD designers, perfectly fits to freelance and/or remote work and this brings you true advantages, in particular in providing you more flexibility in the management of your workforce and in allowing vous to reduce your costs.


Although we may temporarily relocate to your design office if required (in France only), to date, we have been working remotely for the large majority of the projects we have been working on, and our clients have each time been convinced that they had made a right choice


Here below, we provide you more information on these topics: