Why a freelancer ?


Are you wondering whether you can really be confident in working with a freelancer?


Just keep in mind thata freelancer cannot take his collaboration with you for granted, so he has to satisfy you. In the manner way that you aim to establish long-term and fruitful relationships with your own clients, it is in the freelancer's interest to do everything possible to establish such a positive and lasting relationship between you and him.


About the job of a CAD designer:


Because of their job and function in the company, CAD Designers generally work on very specific subjects and for which they only need to interact with a limited number of collaborators (a project manager, an engineering manager or other CAD designers). Thus, the integration of a freelancer into a project team is achieved quickly, once a point of contact is established and a technical need is specified.


Also, at the top of the ability to work with a given CAD software, the know-how and skills of the CAD designer are largely based on his own experience. In this respect, a freelance CAD designer may have experience in different sectors, which will enable him to broaden the range of technical solutions that he can offer to his clients.


The benefits:


For you, working with a freelancer provides real advantages:

  • The freelancer does not take his situation for granted, so he has to make sure you are satisfied
  • You gain in flexibilitysince you can optimise your working resources directly depending on the needs of your business
  • Depending on the package included in our scope, you reduce your costs :
    • No workstation or software to provide
    • You only pay per hour of work or per defined work provided
    • You reduce your costs related to the management of your human resources
  • No employment contract and associated administrative constraints

The Freelancer:


Because of his situation the freelancer has a direct interest in being proactive, in taking an interest in what exists and in capitalising on his experience, in order to keep being able to satisfy his clients.

Also, thanks to his customer oriented vision, the freelancer has the notion that it is in his interest to enables clients to be competitive at their own level with their own customers. Thus, the freelancer will aim to ensure that his customers benefit as much as possible from the established collaboration.


About you:

Have you never been working with a freelancer ?


Let's give it a try! Indeed, it is possible to try this solution at low cost in order to check whether it is suitable for you. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can check together how we can set up a first trial. 


Are you looking for an ad-hoc reinforcement of your resources but you don't know what you could get done by us? Does your project seem too big to be done by a freelancer and/or too much relying on unique know-how of your company to be outsourced?


If this is the case, if your project really does appear to not have any possibility of outsourcing part of the job to be done, you are in a situation that seems rare to us.

But if you have come this far in your reading, you must be in need!

We hope we could do something for you and you can be sure that we have had numerous clients which may have felt to be in the same situation before getting in touch with us. Please feel free to contact us so that we can share what we have already done with other clients in such situations, allowing them to strengthen their resources despite their constraints and thus meet their own commitments.