Remote CAD designer


Are you wondering if you can really work with a remote freelancer and/or if it will really be efficient?


Just bear in mind that the communication solutions available nowadays allow us to share our screens with you during audio meetings, so that you can see the 3D models and even act directly on our screens. We can also, through these solutions, draw sketches of solutions by hand together, on the same screen. Thus audio meetings provide the same quality of exchange as if we were physically side by side. 

Do you consider yourself a novice in computers or in these communication tools? It is very easy to use and it is accessible to everyone. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it if necessary.


In addition, if you are wondering whether you can really trust a remote freelancer, keep in mind that even if we are not physically in your office, we aim to satisfy you as much as we would be able to do it, for your benefit as well as for ours.


Here below, we provide more information about the communication solutions available and the benefits of remote working in the case of the kind of services we can provide to you.


About the job of a CAD designer:


The CAD designer is in charge of producing drawings or 3D models according to customers' specifications. Thus, the input and output data can be communicated via the Internetor even by mail.




Modern means of communication do not necessarily justify having to go on site every day for all projects (excepted for an on site survey as example).

It is possible to communicate:

  • In writing, instantly, by e-mail. This method of communication allows good traceability and also allows to communicate drawings, diagrams or 3D models,
  • By voice, by phone
  • To have a "face to face" visual and to be able to make hand sketches, show parts or discuss conceptual ideas, then Skype, Teams or other equivalent software are very useful.
  • To have a visual on the 3D model in real time and exchange during its evolution, we regularly propose to share our screens. This means that from your screen you can see what is on our screens.
Cost reduction:

Working remotely allows you to benefit of at least the following savings: :

  • You do not have to provide an office (desk, parking, electricity, etc.)
  • You do not have to provide a workstation neither to keep it up to date
  • You do not have to provide any software, neither to keep it up to date (Solidworks, MS Office, etc.)
  • Working hour costs are lower.
About you:

Do you think that your case is special? Are you still reluctant to outsource remotely?


Many of our clients have done their first remote CAD design outsourcing with us. Today, they are all convinced that they made the right choice.


If you are in need of CAD services, please contact us so that we can discuss possible collaborations.

It is really possible to do some initial tests at a low cost so that you can get an idea quickly and without too great a risk for you.


To date, we have been working for companies located anywhere in France, elsewhere in Europe, and even in the West Indies. Most of these work has been carried out without meeting our clients physically, and without having encountered any problem neither. The projects undertaken are always completed.


Just bear in mind that generally speaking, in the longer run, knowing how to subcontract services remotely in confidence, will allow you to choose your resources by neglecting the geographical criterion, which is often a very limiting criterion in the search for human resources..