More about Christian

I have been working as a Project manager in engineering, manufacturing and construction companies for about 10 years.

During my career, the projects I have been charge of covered all the phases of the development and construction of various structures and machines:

  • Heavy equipment and welded structures for the oil and gas industry in Africa
  • Conveyors and other machines for process industries in China
  • Piping for offshore installation and vessels (Oil an Gas)
  • Heavy machines maintenance for nuclear power plants in France 
  • Custom designed machines

In charge of our Serprojects activity, my ability to work on Solidworks and my work experience in mechanical design, manufacturing and onsite work enable me to also provide CAD services.

To date, my work specifically in CAD has mainly concerned custom designed machines, onsite work procedures, welded structures, prototyping, factories layout drawings, electrical cabinets and design parts.