Drawings, parts and assemblies Verification Checklists (available yet in French only)

The verification of parts, assemblies and detail drawings requires the consideration of many parameters. Thus, it is not easy for a verifier to always think about everything each time he/she performs a verification, then some points may be forgotten to be checked by the verifier from time to time.

Here below, we propose 3 checklists available for free, which aim to help verifiers checking documents in listing as much as possible the points to consider.

First contact checklist

There are several points to be discussed when making a first contact with CAD designer to allow him to get a complete view of the need to be met in his design. As these initial discussions are often verbal, there is a risk that some information may be forgotten to be discussed.


This checklist aims to list the points to be raised during an initial exchange, with the aim of encouraging more effective communication.


Depending on your needs and the state of your project, you will not necessarily be concerned by all the points.


Are you using these checklists ? that is a pleasure to us. Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments about them, or if you have identified any other checklist needs that we might be able to provide.