Solidworks sheet formats and documents templates (available yet in french only)

Sheet formats:

We propose here below a set of sheet formats which we appear ro us as well adapted to our work. They aim to indicate as much as possible the most frequent information to be indicated on detailed drawings.

These are available in A3 to A0 landscape, and A0 and A1 portrait formats:

These formats are associated with the custom properties available here.They are used directly in the title block fields.

The combined use of these files (sheet formats and custom property files) allows title blocks fields to be automatically updated when parts or assemblies are shown on the drawing, as long as the properties of the parts and/or assemblies have been indicated in the 3D models.


Are you interested in these files? This is a pleasure for us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or information on the use of these files, or for any comments or remarks about them.

Documents templates (Sheet formats with custom formats) : 

Solidworks has default settings for various parameters that are automatically applied in drawings (e.g. view names, annotations or dimensions texts fonts, and various display settings). These default settings may not be suitable for all of us.

Here below are drawing files with custom settings (such files are called "documents templates" on Solidworks). We find these settings more suitable than the default settings, at least for our own use of Solidworks:

These files contain custom settings, as well as the same sheet formats than those available above (the only difference is that these files also include display and text font settings, in addition to the sheet formats).


The "document templates" files can be accessed directly when creating a new drawing in Solidworks. This allows drawings to be quickly created with a custom title block and fonts for a greater consistency of all the drawing mades by the user.